Fuse Switch Disconnector

Fuse Switch Disconnector is a kind of switch device which is mainly used for isolating power supply, switching operation, connected sum cutting off small current circuit, and has no arc extinguishing function.

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Plastic Case Adapter

Convert large pairs of cables into small wire groups and enable interconnections between cables to bridge wiring

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Fuse Series

A fuse refers to an electrical device that uses the heat generated by itself to fuse the melt and disconnect the circuit when the current exceeds a specified value.

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Metallurgical Industry
Daily Power Supply
Photovoltaic Energy



Zhejiang RENCCI Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates scientific research, production, and sales. The company's main products include fuse type isolation switches, fuse cores, enclosed busbar systems, plastic case adapters, SMC cable branch boxes, and other high and low voltage electrical equipment series products. The product factory is widely used in low-voltage distribution systems and industrial control systems in industries such as power, construction, photovoltaic, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, and railway.